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Greetings all...

So, my situation has deteriorated steadily in the past six months. I never did go with any of those debt reduction places like I had asked about back in October or anything. I've been able to scrape by, barely making ends meet each month, by tapping into my savings and working small amounts of overtime here and there when I could find it.

So now, my savings are almost completely gone. I've been completely unsuccessful in finding a part-time job... even when I dumb down my resume, I think just the fact of who I work for somehow disqualifies me, as obviously my main loyalty will be with my full-time employer.

I've finally talked to a lawyer, and apparently I make too much for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, and if I go 13, basically I will have absolutely nothing left over each month, IF I am able to actually get it to happen. Apparently because I have a deferred comp retirement plan at work, it makes thing very complicated somehow. I've calculated my expenses pretty much as accurately as I can, and I have a negative three hundred dollar a month budget after paying everything. It never took much overtime to cover that, back when it was unlimited, but these days, I'm screwed...

Obviously this is no one's fault but my own, and trust me, I remind myself constantly of that fact.

Anyway, can anyone offer any suggestions here? I guess once I can't pay off the bills each month, companies will start hitting me with garnishments and whatnot, and eventually I will be poor enough for bankruptcy... or if I can pull off the chapter 13, I guess having no money each month is better than going deeper in the hole, but if it's not guaranteed to work, I hesitate to try, since I'll have to pay the lawyer regardless.
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