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Advice & experience needed

Hi everyone,

I recently contacted two creditors about a hardship program and got a pretty good deal out of it. Granted, two of my accounts are now closed, but the payments have been cut in half and so has the interest. I've been scouring sites like simplyhired, snagajob, monster and career builder for a second job, but so far I still only have one interview set up. Still just praying I get that if no one else will call me.

In the meantime, I'm trying to stay afloat by selling some things on E-bay and not spending any money at all. I have some questions though.

Even with another job, especially when summer comes around, I'm not going to be able to pay too much more than the minimum on my cards. Is this okay? I'm going to try, but I would also like to have some kind of an emergency fund. I have nothing right now, and as luck would have it, I actually had an emergency last night with my three month old puppy.

However, I think I'm taking night classes this summer. My parents take out the Parent Plus Loan which, in case you aren't familiar, is taken out in their name. They pay what little they can for now, and when I graduate they'll transfer it to me. Anyway, I know plenty of kids who take out extra money on their loans- usually just for spending money. I don't plan on taking out a whole lot, but would this be okay to do? I feel like if I have this advantage now I might as well use it.

My school loans also aren't too heavy right now either. My first two years I was an RA, so I got free housing and meal plans, and now I live at home. The only bill I pay besides my credit card bills is my cell phone. I know this is extremely easy compared to what some people are facing, but I'm only making about $230 every 2 weeks... and I have about $500 going in CC bills every month, not counting gas and my cell phone bill.

So, if I take out an extra grand or so over the summer, should I use that as my emergency fund, or put it right onto one of my cards? I plan to try and put as much of my own earned money away as I can too, but I'm just not exactly sure what kind of job I'll have, so it's all up in the air.

I'm sorry for this novel of a post, but I could use some suggestions if it's at all possible :]
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