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One of the reasons I'm keeping this journal

is because I believe I need the public exposure. It is extremely extremely difficult to do something like this on your own without visible public support from your friends and family.

Except that I haven't told my friends and family yet.

I know why I'm this way and I won't delve into the details because it involves others outside of myself.

But two of my reasons I'm so much in debt are:

First, I justify everything. I always say, well I'll cut down or it's only $1,000 or it's an investment or I don't have the time or it's on sale.

Second, I buy a lot and lot of crap. My main culprit is Target. I spent $2,000 last year at Target? On what? Some of it was groceries and items that were needed like soap and paper towels. But I'm willing to bet the vast majority was crap. Home furnishings I did not need. An item marked on clearance I did not need. I first need to understand why I accumulate so much stuff I might need for the future. Don't get me wrong. I'm not a hoarder. In fact, every time I watch the show on A&E it prompts me to go on an extended cleaning binge to make sure I can learn to say good-bye to things. What I need is to learn to say, no, I'm not going to read that book. I don't have time and I don't need it in my space.

Right now I caught myself trying to buy fruitcake mix since it's on sale. I'm not making any fruitcakes. I don't need that ish.
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